Great dining in Pompeii 3/12/18

I cannot say enough good things about Yuri Buono’s Vincanto on Via Nolana in Pompeii. He is a locavore and advocate of the “slow food” movement in Italy. Feast upon these pictures!!

Local wine – San Paolo Agliatico

Cheese and salumi plate

Bruscettoni – lard, mushroom, and onions on ancient grain bread on left and tomatoes and cheese on right

Porchetta with paparcelle (preserved peppers)

Pistachio and cream mousse

This food was shared among the three of us. It was delicious and economical.


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More dining in Rome. 3/11/18

Sometimes you say, oh, I don’t care. I just want something to eat. You’re wrong. You care. This lasagna was not good but at least the serving person was charming.

Glop on a plate – lasagna at Binario 47

It is raining as we leave Rome. We are headed down the A-1 to Pompeii and stop at an Autogrill. It has never been good when I have eaten at one. We go to the Ciao! section and I have a most surprising lunch.

Artichoke risotto with a mixed vegetable lentil salad

This was actually very good! The subtle taste of the artichokes came through the not-stuck-together-almost-creamy rice.

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Grit and Grail in Rome. 3/10/18

Ordered a fav of mine for lunch, spaghetti alla vongole (clams) which unfortunately had gritty clams and stuck together pasta. C’mon, Rome, you can do better!

Gritty clams in the spaghetti meant I could not entice anyone to eat my leftovers!

First step in my search for the Holy Grail of pizza – crust is tasty but not bubbly or charred enough and the tomato sauce lacks depth. Being a girl from the Jersey shore, I have standards when it comes to pizza. I will have to continue my search.

Pizza Margarita in Rome

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When in Rome… 3/9/18

We are in Rome! After a busy morning sightseeing and walking a lot, we stop at Ristorante Leonetti for some typical Roman dishes. I chose cacio e pepe. It is a simple dish of pasta, cheese, and black pepper.

Cacio e Pepe at Ristorante Leonetti in Rome

For dinner we were too tired to go out so we just had few free bar snacks at the hotel.

Bar snacks – mini sandwich and salad plus a fried stuffed zucchini blossom

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Last Supper. 3/6/18

This is our last supper before leaving for Italy tomorrow! We made something easy, steak and asparagus. The asparagus was on sale for $1.29/lb. and I could not resist.

Asparagus cooking in a little water

John used the immersion circulator to cook the steak to 125F and then gave it a quick sear on the grill.

The steak enjoying a warm bath

This is the last dinner I will be cooking for  while but I will definitely post some Italian delights from our trip!

Steak and asparagus


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Roger Federer and hot dogs 3/5/18

Last night John and I went to see Roger Federer at an exhibition match at the SAP Arena in San Jose, CA.  Called the Match for Africa 5 Silicon Valley, it benefited his foundation which funds early childhood education in 5 southern African nations. It was is a fun event with lots of trick shots and, of course, Roger won in his match over Jack Sock.

Greatest of All Time, Roger Federer

And now from the sublime to the ridiculous…we did not have time for dinner what with the match starting at 7 PM and the commute traffic so we settled on some hot dogs. We got them from a place called Show Dogs at the arena and they were served on poppyseed rolls. I had mine New York style which is basically with mustard and sauerkraut and John had his Chicago style, “all the way.” Chicago style has lots of weird ingredients to me like tomatoes and pickles and hot peppers. It was a great evening.

Hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard (from the Internet)

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Unsuccessful fried rice. 3/4/18

I tried a new recipe for chicken fried rice made with a Thai twist and it was not very good. Along with the rice, chicken, and vegetables we put in fish sauce and basil. Squeezing some lime over it helped but not enough. We are leaving Wednesday on our trip to Italy and I was trying to use up vegetables. I would have been better off making soup or a stir fry.

Thai inspired chicken fried rice

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