Simple delicious vegetarian first course – 6/23/17

They say you eat with your eyes first. You can take the most humble ingredient and raise its level to stardom with just a little care – presenting, the beet.

Beets with pickled onions, walnuts, and goat cheese

I had this for dinner at restaurant 26 North in Bergen, Norway. The beet were roasted and raw and their earthiness contrasted nicely with the goat cheese, crunchy walnuts, and piquant pickled onions. Plus it was a colorful joy to look at.

How  much time do we take at home making our food look beautiful? Not enough!

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Some airline food – 6/22/17

Cauliflower soup and salad

It is hard to eat decently on a flight but here is a first course on KLM that was decent and tasty. Cauliflower soup, a colorful mixed salad in a delft bowl, a saucer of olive oil (?), and a whole grain roll. Note the cute Dutch clogs salt and pepper shakers.

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Another hot night! June 20, 2017

It is still hot. Enough, already! No cooking. I bought a rotisserie chicken and potato salad at the grocery store. My contribution was a broccoli and carrot salad with a sweet, tart celery seed dressing.

Cold chicken breast with potato salad and carrot/broccoli salad

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Hummus with pita and Lebanese tabbouleh – June 19, 2017

It is really hot here in the Bay Area. We never expect hot weather to last more than three days and we are hunkering down to try to preserve our cool. Sunday night the power went out and we were moaning a lot about how would we survive without air conditioning!   Anyway, one thing we were not going to do was turn on the oven or boil a pot of water.

For dinner I made Lebanese tabbouleh and served it with hummus, pita, and some olives and pepperoncini.

Hummus and pita with Lebanese tabbouleh

Lebanese tabbouleh accents the parsley rather than the grain. Only 1/4 cup of bulgur wheat is used while there was three cups of parsley and some mint too. I got the recipe from the New York Time Cooking site.

Good dinner for a hot night! (Looking forward to cooler temperatures in Norway soon!)

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Grilled lamb and cauliflower with couscous – 6/4/17

I discovered that I took a picture of one of the meals we made when the kids were visiting. Since it is hot for cooking in the kitchen in St. George in the summer, we made this boneless leg of lamb on the grill long with some cauliflower. We have a special grill sheet for cooking vegetables on.

Grilled boneless leg of lamb with grilled cauliflower and stovetop couscous

This dinner’s leftovers were made into lamb fajitas few days later.

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I haven’t deserted my blog! June 17, 2017

In way of explanation I have not deserted my blog it is just that between the family’s visit and a trip to Norway this coming week, I haven’t been doing much cooking.

I will try to remember to take some pictures of what we eat over the next few weeks for a taste of Norse, Scottish, and English fare.

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Visiting family! – 6/3/17

Our son and two grandsons are here for a little over a week. The dinners we prepare are going to be more kid-centric and less dining lite.

The first night they were here we had Zayde burgers or hamburgers made by their grandfather. Since I have posted what seems like a hamburger every week, I decided to skip the picture.

Tonight we had some old school tacos. Ground beef, shredded cheese, hard taco shells, etc. It was a big hit with the kids and we adults liked it pretty much too. It got us to talking about the first place we ever had tacos (Jack in the Box, 1971). I went with John before we were a “couple.” It was pretty exciting with the orange grease running down our arms.


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