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Some Santa humor, scallops, and a Dugan coffee cake. 12/6/17

Here’s a little Santa humor to start your read with a smile brought to you by my obsession with collecting Santas. Tonight on my birthday eve eve, John made fried scallops. They were delicious! This picture was taken during a … Continue reading

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Mongolian BBQ and Fried Scallops. 10/14/17

This is one of our go-to places in St. George. Fresh ingredients that you choose yourself and watch being cooked. While our son choose beef, pork and vegetables and John opted for beef and vegetables, I always stick with an … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, John! 9/14/17

Since we are in Utah, state of bad restaurant dining, we decided to prepare a favorite meal at home. We would start with fancy hors d’oeuvres and then have a scallop dinner. In preparation we skipped lunch so less guilt … Continue reading

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One pot curried chicken and rice. 9/12/17

John and I have been debating what to call this dish. It is not a traditional curry which you serve over rice. This is more, hey, we have some leftover chicken! What shall we do with it that is fairly … Continue reading

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Delicious scallops! – 5/22/17

Normally we do not fry anything.  However, we found that these scallops which ended up being too watery to sear properly can be cooked to delicious perfection by frying them. If the only thing you ever eat fried are scallops … Continue reading

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Tacos with an Asian twist – 4/23/17

I bought a spice at Penzey’s, Singapore Seasoning. It smelled really good, warm and inviting. We were supposed to be having pork tacos tonight. But do they need to be tacos with Mexican spices? Why not dry rub the pork … Continue reading

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Mediterranean fish stew – 2/2/17

Here’s a look at what we are eating this week. You’ll see that Kap’n Mom has been pretty close to the original plan. Only thing different is that we switched around the Pasta with Peanut Sauce and the Mediterranean Fish … Continue reading

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