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Fancy wine night. 5/24/18

Every so often we have a fancy wine night. Over the years we have collected a small stash of “better” wines which we normally save for special occasions. Other times we just open a bottle as a special treat to … Continue reading

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Artichokes, scallops, and potatoes. 5/7/18

I got a coupon from our grocery for BOGO free artichokes. Normally I won’t spent $3.00 on an artichoke but two for $3.00 is a deal. Plus these were GIANT! I put the artichokes in a plastic bag one at a … Continue reading

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Unbeatable scallops! 4/24/18

It appears we have thrown out our carefully planned menu and now are eating willy-nilly. This morning I gave John a number of dinner choices and he said that he would really like to have the fried scallops dinner again. … Continue reading

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Instant Pot beef stew. 2/3/2018

My mother always made beef stew in a pressure cooker so I have never been afraid of them even though I ended up cooking in one until it was dry and all the food was burnt up inside. I have … Continue reading

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Masala Veggie Burger and Porchetta. 12/14/17

I have lots to talk about from yesterday. I tried another veggie burger and John cooked his porchetta. Starting with the Trader Joe’s Vegetable Masala Burger, I liked it much better than the Hilary’s World’s Best Veggie Burger. This burger … Continue reading

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Insulated fish. 10/8/17

I am really surprised that I have not posted this dish before. I guess it fell out of favor when Chilean sea bass became so expensive. John once wrote out the recipe for me to use in a cookbook that … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, John! 9/14/17

Since we are in Utah, state of bad restaurant dining, we decided to prepare a favorite meal at home. We would start with fancy hors d’oeuvres and then have a scallop dinner. In preparation we skipped lunch so less guilt … Continue reading

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