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Jazzed up vegetables. 10/1/17

I have been through a week of doctor’s appointments after getting a physical on Tuesday, blood tests on Wednesday, and a CT scan on Thursday. Try as she might, my doctor cannot find anything significant wrong with me. There are … Continue reading

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Use it or lose it – a bowl of vegetables 9/6/17

We have so many cherry tomatoes! It seems that our daughter’s cherry tomato plants are much more prolific than her sandwich size tomatoes. On top of this I have a lot of vegetables I bought about a week ago in … Continue reading

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Creative leftovers plus another vacation dish – 8/24/17

After three long days on the road home, we were in no mood to cook so we bought one of those roasted chickens from the grocery store. ¬†Today we have a leftover breast and some asparagus from yesterday’s pasta. ¬†With … Continue reading

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Firing up the grill – 7/27/17

It is grilling night! John selects one of the rib eye cap steaks that I bought at Costco last week. He grills it on low until it reads 115F and then finishes it on high. In the meantime I make … Continue reading

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Salad, peppers and onions, polenta, sausage – 7/27/17

Leftovers night! The sausages and polenta are from the night we had friends over for dinner, the peppers and onions are newly made but originally for the friends dinner, and the salad is the same as the golden beet, tomato, … Continue reading

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Vegetarian balance meal – 7/13/17

Last night I had a burger and I am not apologizing but I do need to balance out that meal calorie-wise and ecologically. So tonight we made a vegan chickpea, ditalini, and vegetable stew. I make this frequently but I … Continue reading

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Baby broccoli, tuna, and penne – Eat down dinner – 5/23/17

We are leaving for Utah tomorrow so we need to eat up some of these vegetables that we have in the refrigerator. Plus the herbs outside are growing rampantly and we should use one of those as well. With this … Continue reading

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