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Move along, it’s just leftovers – 6/1/17

Today we had lunch at the club here. I had a tuna sandwich on white toast eating only the bottom bread of the sandwich and holding on to it on the top with a piece of lettuce. Nonetheless it was … Continue reading

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Firecracker Fusilli – 5/16/17

We used to have a restaurant nearby called Fuzio’s that served a dish called Firecracker Fusilli. It went out of business here but I see that it is still in San Francisco and Modesto. Anyway, it was a spicy pork … Continue reading

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Farro and chickpea salad with grilled chicken – 5/3/17

Dinner tonight was driven by the fact that I had a lot of leftover, too sweet farro. Yesterday I made a new recipe that called for farro cooked in apple cider. It was not a hit. So my goal was … Continue reading

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Leftover Wednesday – Lamb Tacos – 4/19/17

So extra pictures did not do the trick as far as blog traffic was concerned. Nonetheless I have two pictures today. So I have leftover lamb, onions, and taco seasonings for the tacos along with feta cheese, mint, lettuce, and … Continue reading

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Deconstructed leftovers

Yesterday daughter and I went out to lunch. I ordered a tomato, mozzarella, and arugula sandwich on a baguette. I got an enormous sandwich – nearly a whole baguette’s worth. So I took more than half of it home. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Best way to reheat pizza – 3/10/17

This is the best way to reheat pizza in my opinion. Reheating pizza in the microwave alone gives you a sodden crust but don’t abandon your microwave completely! Microwave a slice for 30 to 45 seconds and then put the … Continue reading

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Penne, meatballs, tomato sauce, ho-hum – 2/23/17

Boring. Easy. Quick. That about sums up Thursday’s dinner. The sauce was leftover and frozen from some previous Italian-inspired dinner and the meatballs come frozen in a bag. We cooked the penne. ┬áIt is embarrassing to post this but I … Continue reading

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