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Celery soup! 10/8/17.

While John was washing windows this morning I whipped up this vegan celery soup for lunch It is really easy and I think it could be done with a variety of vegetables. It is adapted from a recipe for celery … Continue reading

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Penne with tuna and broccoli. 10/6/17

We have been driving for the last two days so we wanted to make something easy with ingredients that we had. Since we had brought a head of broccoli with us from home and we always have a can of … Continue reading

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One pot curried chicken and rice. 9/12/17

John and I have been debating what to call this dish. It is not a traditional curry which you serve over rice. This is more, hey, we have some leftover chicken! What shall we do with it that is fairly … Continue reading

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Simple salad and pasta 9/8/17

As you know pasta is one of my favorite things to eat. This is usually exemplified by my forgetting to take a picture in my enthusiasm to get down to eating. This time was no exception. But I do have … Continue reading

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Sort of chicken parm on the fly 9/7/17

Sometimes as the dinner hour approaches I decide I just cannot stand the idea of what we are supposed to be eating for dinner. In this case it was chicken breast with new potatoes and green beans. So I changed … Continue reading

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Better pasta at home than restaurant – 8/30/17

Here is a pretty poor pasta primavera I had in Banff at a fairly fancy restaurant. Obviously no care was taken in the plating, just slopped on the plate and not tidied up. Also vegetables were overcooked and the sauce … Continue reading

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Turkey sausage with Texas caviar – 8/28/17

I have been craving a hot dog type meal since we went to the baseball game in Great Falls, MT. The hot dogs there were a real disappointment. I expect a steamed hot dog at a ball game. This one … Continue reading

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