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Fish tacos and black beans. 9/15/17

John cooked up some Pacific cod and I made the black beans and condiments for tonight’s Southwest inspired dinner. I had a can of Rotel and added that to the black beans along with some onions, cumin, and cilantro. The … Continue reading

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Turkey sausage with Texas caviar – 8/28/17

I have been craving a hot dog type meal since we went to the baseball game in Great Falls, MT. The hot dogs there were a real disappointment. I expect a steamed hot dog at a ball game. This one … Continue reading

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National Shrimp Day (U.S.) – Shrimp tacos – 5/10/17

I did not know that May 10th was National Shrimp Day here in the U.S. when I planned to make shrimp tacos. Just a lucky happenstance, I guess. (BTW May 10th is also a National Day for receptionists, third shift … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Texas caviar in Utah and a have-it-your-way burger – 4/30/17

As I mentioned we have a lot of hunks of meat in the freezer here in Utah that need to be eaten. That being said I love almost anything that has ground beef in it. So, yum, to the burger … Continue reading

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Tacos with an Asian twist – 4/23/17

I bought a spice at Penzey’s, Singapore Seasoning. It smelled really good, warm and inviting. We were supposed to be having pork tacos tonight. But do they need to be tacos with Mexican spices? Why not dry rub the pork … Continue reading

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Leftover Wednesday – Lamb Tacos – 4/19/17

So extra pictures did not do the trick as far as blog traffic was concerned. Nonetheless I have two pictures today. So I have leftover lamb, onions, and taco seasonings for the tacos along with feta cheese, mint, lettuce, and … Continue reading

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Fajitas and fixins’ – 2/16/17

I am still trying to use up stuff in the refrigerator. We have so many tortillas! They don’t come in a package size for two people who don’t eat tortillas every night!! After tonight we will have fewer. I am … Continue reading

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