Curried chicken and rice – 7/25/17

Using pre-cooked chicken strips means that this dinner only takes about a half an hour to rustle up. John sautes the curry spices while I cut up an onion, garlic, carrot, and ginger. They are added to the spices and cooked briefly. In goes the chicken, rice, raisins, and water or chicken stock. Simmer until the rice is cooked through.

Curried rice and chicken with carrots and raisins


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Cool salad on a hot night – 7/24/17

I made this visually stunning and delicious salad last night for dinner. The key components were a bed of arugula, diced watermelon and roasted golden beet, a variety of chunked heirloom tomatoes, and crumbled feta. It is dressed with a light vinaigrette. To make this super-simple I bought ready-to-use watermelon, pre-washed arugula, and crumbled feta. I also roasted the golden beets first thing in the morning before it got hot.

Salad composed of arugula, watermelon, tomatoes, roasted golden beets, and feta

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Reacting rather than planning – 7/22/17

I have been often accused of over-planning so here is an example of what happens with no planning. I did not decide early on a very hot day what was for dinner. I knew that it was going to be in the upper 90’s and I would not want to heat up the kitchen. Nonetheless I did not plan and ended up going to the grocery store and grabbing a bunch of bad-for-me pre-prepared stuff. Mea culpa.

Take-out ribs, potato salad, and coleslaw


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Spaghetti with shrimp – 7/21/17

Easy and delicious dinner tonight. While the pasta was cooking I sautéed some shrimp and onions in olive oil. Finished the dish by adding the spaghetti to the shrimp and adding some pasta water and oregano.

Spaghetti with shrimp

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Balance your plate – 7/19/17

Ideas keep changing about how we should eat. I think balanced is probably the best way. But the proportions towards that balance have also changed. I used to make my plate in thirds – protein, complex carbohydrate, and vegetable. These days I am more like 4/5 vegetable and starch and 1/5 protein, especially if that protein is meat.

we have been eating a lot of vegetarian meals lately so I thought I would throw my husband a bone (so to speak.) I bought a rib cap steak from the prime meat section at Costco. He started it on the grill on the cooler side and finished it on the hot side. He used his trusty thermopen to check its temperature. In the meantime I steamed some new potatoes and cooked snow peas with cherry tomatoes and oregano in a little oil.

New potatoes and snow peas with a small portion of rib cap steak


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Vegetables, vegetables! – 7/18/17

We have been kind of slacking off with our cooking since it has been so hot out. So I had a bunch of vegetables in my crisper that did not get used for the original meals I had planned. I did not want them to go bad so I made an all vegetables meal that I served in two courses.

First course, roasted cauliflower. I make this by cutting the florets off a head of cauliflower, putting the florets in a gallon plastic bag with two tablespoons of olive oil and some salt, mixing it all together and then putting the florets on a foil lined tray and cooking them at 550F convect for about 20 minutes. So delicious!

Roasted cauliflower

Second course, broccoli and cauliflower salad and pan con tomate. For this I made a vinaigrette with some celery seed and a bit of Splenda for a sweet and sour flavor and mixed it with some parcooked broccoli and cauliflower. The pan con tomate is a Spanish tapa. Toast or grill some artisanal type bread, rub the toasted bread with garlic and a drizzle of olive oil. Then take the cut side of a tomato and rub into the surface. Salt to taste.

Broccoli and cauliflower salad with pan con tomate

A healthy and heavenly dinner!

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Help! There’s too much food in my order – 7/17/17

Today is our anniversary and we spent the day up in the Sonoma Valley doing a little celebrating. We stopped for lunch and, Help! There’s too much food in my order!  For those of you who are trying to control your input, here is how I dealt with it.

Smoked turkey and mozzarella on focaccia with chickpea salad

First take the giant bowl of chickpeas off the plate. Next, take the top piece of bread off the sandwich. You don’t need that much bread plus it has a lot of the dressing on it. Remove one of the pieces of cheese. You can put all this stuff to the side on that little doily that was under the chickpeas. Spoon maybe a third of the chickpeas back on your plate. Take the bread and cheese doily and place it up-side-down on top of the remainder of the chickpeas. Finally, eat your lunch with a knife and fork. It will take much longer and be more satisfying. Also make a mental note that next time you eat here to order one sandwich and one side for the two of you!

P.S. If you are in a position to do so you can also ask for a take-along box and just put half the sandwich in it. This was not an option for me as we had no cooler with us.

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