Visiting family! – 6/3/17

Our son and two grandsons are here for a little over a week. The dinners we prepare are going to be more kid-centric and less dining lite.

The first night they were here we had Zayde burgers or hamburgers made by their grandfather. Since I have posted what seems like a hamburger every week, I decided to skip the picture.

Tonight we had some old school tacos. Ground beef, shredded cheese, hard taco shells, etc. It was a big hit with the kids and we adults liked it pretty much too. It got us to talking about the first place we ever had tacos (Jack in the Box, 1971). I went with John before we were a “couple.” It was pretty exciting with the orange grease running down our arms.


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Move along, it’s just leftovers – 6/1/17

Today we had lunch at the club here. I had a tuna sandwich on white toast eating only the bottom bread of the sandwich and holding on to it on the top with a piece of lettuce. Nonetheless it was a more filling lunch than usual and so our dinner plan went out the window. We decided to just heat up our leftover chickpea stew after adding a little more broth. So, ho-hum, nothing exciting here.

Leftover chickpea stew with toast points

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OMG I love sausages! – 5/31/17

We were supposed to be having shrimp and grits but I just didn’t feel like it. I suggested a dinner we’ve made before, sausages and polenta (or sausages and grits.) It was not too hard to get John to go along. He grilled two sweet Italian sausages and I cooked up some onions and peppers. Instead of making the polenta and a vegetable we served the sausages cut in half and each half sausage on a half hamburger bun with the sausage and peppers on top. Since the roll was soft you could curl it around like a taco. I am so evil to change our plans but it was so delicious!

Italian sausage with onions and peppers


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Meatless Tuesday’s chickpea stew – 5/30/17

Chickpea Stew

Healthy and delicious chickpea stew is one of my favorite meatless dishes. It takes a fair amount of chopping but comes together pretty quickly. If you are good at multi-tasking you can be chopping quicker cooking vegetables at the same time as you are sautéing the onions.Then add the carrots, celery, zucchini, and garlic. Next comes the broth and a can of tomatoes followed by a can of chickpeas. Cook a cup of ditalini for the recommended time on the package in the bubbling soup. At the end add a container of pre-washed greens. Heat the whole thing through and you are done.

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More Memorial Day Grilling – 5/29/17

Memorial Day is, among other things, the unofficial start of summer. In some places such as Florida and here in Utah it certainly feels like summer has been going full blast for a while. Nonetheless it is time to get out your white shoes and turn on the grill.

For our second day of grilling we went with chicken thighs, cauliflower and corn on the cob.

Grilled chicken thighs, grilled cauliflower, and corn on the cob

John cooked the chicken on indirect heat and added the BBQ sauce near the end. We have a special grate for cooking vegetables. I put the corn in a plastic bag with some butter and salt and microwaved each ear for about 1 1/2 minutes. (Leave a little opening in the bag so steam can escape.) Clean-up for this dinner is minimal!

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Memorial Day Grilling – 5/28/17

Half roll-half wrap burger with Texas caviar

We had our Memorial Day grill fest on Sunday instead of Monday and we had my favorite, burgers. Once again I served them in my semi-roll style. When eating this you flip it over so the roll is on the bottom and the lettuce is on the top. Easy to hold, tastes like the real thing, and saves probably one hundred calories. Also made up some more Texas caviar but this time with fresh tomatoes, black-eyed peas, and a cayenne chile for some extra spice!

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Grilled shrimp, coconut rice, peapods, and pineapple salsa – 5/27/17

Grilled shrimp, coconut rice, peapods, and pineapple salsa

Looks good, right? As they say, looks can be deceiving. This was one of the worst dinners we have made in a long time. The best component was the pineapple/habanero salsa I bought. Good concept, bad execution. Way over-salted shrimp, grainy undercooked rice, and flaccid peapods were all offenders. Oh well, even good cooks can have bad days.

“Don’t try this at home!”

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