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Leftover-ish? 4/23/18

I took about 4 oz. of ground beef out of the freezer just in case our neighbors decided not to fulfill their “c’mon over” invitation from last Sunday. We had not heard from them all week so I did not … Continue reading

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Healthy start to the week. 4/15/18

Now that we are here in Utah and we have taken care of the unpacking and the installation of our patriotic goose guard, it’s time to make a menu and shopping list. I like to make a menu for a … Continue reading

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Spaghetti rigate X 2. 4/6 and 4/7/18

We bought some Barilla spaghetti rigate the other day and thought we would return to Italy for the evening meal. Rigate means striated and the spaghetti has grooves on it that run the length of each strand. It helps the … Continue reading

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Home from Italy! 3.29.18

Hey, home at last from Italy! Wish I had posted more of what I ate but I just ran out of time. I have a travel blog and could not keep up with both. So what to make the first … Continue reading

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More dining in Rome. 3/11/18

Sometimes you say, oh, I don’t care. I just want something to eat. You’re wrong. You care. This lasagna was not good but at least the serving person was charming. It is raining as we leave Rome. We are headed … Continue reading

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Grit and Grail in Rome. 3/10/18

Ordered a fav of mine for lunch, spaghetti alla vongole (clams) which unfortunately had gritty clams and stuck together pasta. C’mon, Rome, you can do better! First step in my search for the Holy Grail of pizza – crust is … Continue reading

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When in Rome… 3/9/18

We are in Rome! After a busy morning sightseeing and walking a lot, we stop at Ristorante Leonetti for some typical Roman dishes. I chose cacio e pepe. It is a simple dish of pasta, cheese, and black pepper. For … Continue reading

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