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Vegan on the road? Too hard? Help! 10/19/17

I needed to eat three meals on the road yesterday. I wanted to eat at least two vegan meals and then one vegetarian. But unless I brought a paper sack of food with me, it wasn’t going to happen. I … Continue reading

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Sent it back. 10/13/17

We went out to dinner with our son here in St. George. We have a minimum that we have to eat at the restaurant associated with our subdivision so it makes sense to have our fancy dinner out there. I … Continue reading

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The past few days. 10/12/17

We have been busy getting ready for our son’s visit so cooking has been rather slap-dash and few pictures have been taken. On 10/9 we had spaghetti with a meat sauce that I unfroze and then pepped up with some … Continue reading

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Penne with tuna and broccoli. 10/6/17

We have been driving for the last two days so we wanted to make something easy with ingredients that we had. Since we had brought a head of broccoli with us from home and we always have a can of … Continue reading

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Chicken Parmesan with cellentani. 10/4/17

  Hiding beneath the tomato sauce in the foreground is half of boneless, skinless chicken breast and a super slim slice of cheese. John sous vide the chicken and I made the sauce. I like making interesting forms of pasta. … Continue reading

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Quick and easy vegetable soup. 10/2/17

If you are looking for a quick vegan/vegetarian vegetable soup, here’s an easy idea. This easy vegetable soup can be made with almost anything in your pantry and fridge. Today I used leeks, mushrooms, carrots, celery, broccoli, parsley, and broken … Continue reading

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I cannot stop eating pasta!!! 9/26/17

It’s my favorite. I love pasta. I love eating at home. I love eating it on our trips to Italy. I am fond of vegan and vegetarian pastas and I am a sucker for a meat sauce. I ate this … Continue reading

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