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Peanut butter : Soup : Vegetable risotto. 10/18/17

Peanut butter on whole wheat English muffin for breakfast. Eating oatmeal every day is a little boring plus is making my digestive system do cartwheels. I am not putting in another picture of Autumn soup. See yesterday for a photo. … Continue reading

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The past few days. 10/12/17

We have been busy getting ready for our son’s visit so cooking has been rather slap-dash and few pictures have been taken. On 10/9 we had spaghetti with a meat sauce that I unfroze and then pepped up with some … Continue reading

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Starting in October new recipes! 9/29/17

Since this blog’s tag line is “It’s what I eat!” I can only truthfully report exactly what I eat. However, even I can see that my choices have become dull and repetitive. So my October’s resolution will be to find … Continue reading

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You should eat … 9/27/17

Out in the foodie world there are a lot of people with a lot of opinions. And all of the opinions are true to the people who hold them. Add less fat, add more fat, no carbs, more carbs, no, … Continue reading

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Mediterranean vegan dinner 9/21/17

Tonight’s dinner was kind of a replay of one of last week’s lunches. We bought some fresh pita, roasted some beets, added a bunch of mint to add to the tabbouleh, and finished up the hummus. We are leaving for … Continue reading

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Leftover leftovers plus a delicious vegetable dish. 9/13/17

I was supposed to make a chickpea stew for dinner tonight but I didn’t. I just was not feeling it and I knew we still had a lot of one pot chicken and rice curry in the refrigerator. But I … Continue reading

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One pot curried chicken and rice. 9/12/17

John and I have been debating what to call this dish. It is not a traditional curry which you serve over rice. This is more, hey, we have some leftover chicken! What shall we do with it that is fairly … Continue reading

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