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Spaghetti!!!!! 6/8/18

Yesterday was not a good day for many reasons. Anthony Bourdain committed suicide, our  so-called president sided with our enemies rather than our allies, our Department of Justice decided not to defend an attack on Obamacare effectively wiping out insurance … Continue reading

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New! Vietnamese shaking beef. 6/7/18

I get all sorts of cooking email in my inbox. The other day I got a recipe from Milk Street for Vietnamese Shaking Beef. Since I am a fan of all sorts of southeast Asian cooking and John was interested … Continue reading

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Colorful dinner with new technique. 6/6/18

The other day we were watching a segment of America’s Test Kitchen and they had a technique for getting salmon cooked perfectly. First you brine the fish for 15 minutes. Then you start the cooking with the fish skin side … Continue reading

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Jumbo scallops. 6/5/18

The fishmonger at Harmon’s had promised us that there would be fresh scallops in on Tuesday. These scallops turned out to be beautiful and enormous! On our menu we had planned on fried scallops, steamed new potatoes, and collards and … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Pad Thai. 6/4/18

This pad Thai was semi-successful. I used dried tofu in place of the shrimp in the original recipe. That was a mistake. The tofu was so compacted that it did not absorb any of the sauce. Otherwise it was pretty … Continue reading

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Grilled shrimp tacos. 6/3/18

Since it was around 100F outside and we were trying not to heat up the kitchen, we decided to make our tacos with grilled shrimp and tortillas on our patio grill. This was such a delicious way to cook them. … Continue reading

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Carolina Caviar and a Burger. 6/2/18

So what, you ask, is Carolina caviar. I make a dish called Texas caviar which is a bunch of diced vegetables and beans in a spicy oil and vinegar dressing. Texas caviar was first made and served at the Houston Country … Continue reading

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