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Easy cooking – Michael Angelo eggplant Parmesan – 4/29/17

We are opting for an easy heat and serve dinner tonight. This Michael Angelo eggplant Parmesan has been hanging out in the freezer for too long so it is time to heat it up and eat it. In some world … Continue reading

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Lamb chops in Utah – 4/28/17

Once we got to Utah, we looked in the freezer. I feel like we need to eat what we have. ┬áMost of the proteins lend themselves to the hunk of meat, vegetable, starch kind of dinner. Ergo, lamb chops, couscous, … Continue reading

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Penne with asparagus – 4/27/17

Hello from Southern Utah! We left on Wednesday around noon and stayed overnight on the road. Had some spicy Buffalo chicken wings at Chili’s for dinner. Tonight’s dinner is the vegetarian dinner we were supposed to have Tuesday. I know … Continue reading

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Chicken curry – 4/25/17

Well, here it is Tuesday and we were supposed to have this chicken on Monday. We had a late lunch on Monday and the whole dinner plan went by the wayside. So we had an old favorite that John calls … Continue reading

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Tacos with an Asian twist – 4/23/17

I bought a spice at Penzey’s, Singapore Seasoning. It smelled really good, warm and inviting. We were supposed to be having pork tacos tonight. But do they need to be tacos with Mexican spices? Why not dry rub the pork … Continue reading

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Pork fried rice – 4/22/17

Happy Earth Day! To help save the earth we had a dinner that was mostly vegetables and rice.

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Sometimes you just gotta have a burger – 4/21/17

I have been pretty much getting my way with the food choices lately so I thought I’d throw a bone to John and let him have a hunk of meat. I suggested burgers because if I am going to have … Continue reading

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