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On vacation!

I am on vacation until December. Currently in South Carolina where there is a LOT of fried food! Instead of a basket of bread we received a basket of hushpuppies served with honey butter! Too addictive! The steamed vegetables side … Continue reading

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Spaghetti regati and harvest salad – 11/15/16

We are in eat-down mode since we are heading off to the East coast tomorrow. Our daughter has picked her final produce and I used some of it in a salad. We ate this interesting spaghetti regati from Barilla tonight. … Continue reading

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Cabbage rolls and salad – 11/13/16

I cannot believe I did not take a picture of the cabbage rolls John made! We ate them on Sunday and Monday. Using our leftover rice from our Chinese takeout and some ground beef and cabbage that I had bought … Continue reading

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Steak cooked in a non-traditional way – 11/12/16

Costco sells this prime ribeye cap coiled up. It is super delicious. In order to keep it from turning into charred outside and raw inside on the grill, John used the sous vide method. He set the steak jacuzzi on … Continue reading

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Eat it twice! – 11/10/16

We ate this on Tuesday and we are eating most of the rest of it tonight. We added some more kale and some pieces of turkey sausage so it would taste new. We even have enough left over from this … Continue reading

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Chickpea stew with ditalini and kale – 11/9/16

If you like to chop vegetables up then this is the dish for you! I did all the prep work while John was at work and so almost the entire dish was dump and sauté according to length of cooking … Continue reading

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Election Day chicken – 11/8/16

Maybe we should be eating crow given the loss of our preferred candidate. Or humble pie. It was Republican candidate Herbert Hoover who promised “a chicken in every pot” if he was elected in 1928. That didn’t work out so well … Continue reading

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