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Kap’n Mom’s Kitchen – 9/29/16

We ┬áhad some dining rules of the road when the kids were little and we were taking a vacation. When eating in a bad food state never choose a menu item having more than basic steps. The classic example would … Continue reading

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Moroccan chickpeas with chard – New recipe – 9/27/16

We made this recipe almost exactly as published by NY Times. I always figure the first time you try something you should more or less stick with what’s written. It turned out very well. We served it with some rice. … Continue reading

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Shrimp tacos again! – 9/26/16

First Happy Birthday to our daughter-in-law, Ryan, who is an amazing mother, excellent baker, and a full-time professional! Now on to the food. Shrimp tacos have become a standard dinner in the rotation. I think we have had them three … Continue reading

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Sous vide chicken with couscous and broccoli – 9/25/16

Obviously I was living on the wild side when I moved a Chicken Monday meal to Sunday. No doubt I will be confused for the rest of the week about what day it is. John set the immersion circulator at … Continue reading

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Chicken fried rice – 9/24/16

Not what we were supposed to have for dinner. But since I have this horrid cold, I am just not that interested in making food. So at 6 PM we hadn’t done anything and opted to just make an easy … Continue reading

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Stuffed peppers – 9/23/16

So I am still sick but when John suggested that he turn on the oven in preparation for making rice, I decided it was time to get up off the couch and do something. Dinner tonight was stuffed red peppers. … Continue reading

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I am sick, no cooking – 9/22/16

Where did this horrible cold come from? I cannot remember being with anyone lately who was sick. I must have touched something that someone left their germs on and now I am congested and coughing and can probably look forward … Continue reading

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