August 18, 2016 – Warm Niçoise salad (with or without tuna)

Note: for a vegetarian dish omit the tuna and add another half egg.

I found this Gwynth Paltrow recipe a while ago and made it according to her instructions. I wasn’t happy with the results. Putting everything in a pan and roasting it just didn’t work well. So I took it apart and made the components separately and came up with a better dish I think.

Warm Niçoise salad

Warm Niçoise salad

One of the things I did differently was to par-steam the vegetables starting first with the potatoes and then adding the beans, onions, and bell peppers for a couple of minutes. Everything goes on a sheet tray along with some halved cherry tomatoes and into the oven with olive oil, lemon, and herbs. In the meantime I cooked the eggs and John seared the tuna. Then I assembled the plates adding a little more oil and lemon, the olives, and some basil. I took a picture including the tuna but I kept it vegetarian on my plate.

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