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April 29, 2016 – Penne with asparagus and mushrooms in a peanut sauce

This penne dish is fast becoming a favorite go-to dinner. By the time you heat the water to boiling and cook the pasta, all the vegetables are ready. The only think that needs to be timed more precisely than the … Continue reading

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April 29, 2016 – Bagel breakfast!

I know it seems like we never eat out unless we are on vacation. That is pretty much true with the exception of an occasional lunch. It is so hard to not be tempted by the dark side when you … Continue reading

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April 28, 2016 – Chicken breast with farro and broccoli

Well, this picture turned out looking darker than it was! I think it is because I used a bunch of broccoli stem pieces that picked up some color from the shallots. Honestly, I did not overcook the broccoli! I used … Continue reading

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April 27, 2016 – more leftovers!

I tried to use up all the bits in the refrigerator from over the weekend. John ate up the rest of the chili with the addition of lamb from Sunday that he diced up. I made some pasta and ate the … Continue reading

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April 26, 2016 – Turkey chili

I cut up and cooked all the vegetables yesterday for this turkey chili. Using my food processor made short work of the mushrooms, onions, chiles, and bell pepper. We use a lot of mushrooms to get some depth of flavor … Continue reading

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April 25, 2016 – Lamb leftovers

Tonight we had lamb from yesterday. The way we managed to still have rosy pink but warm lamb was to sous vide it at 125F for around an hour. It was still juicy and tender. I made some couscous and … Continue reading

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April 24, 2016 – Family Seder

We had such fun with the whole family Sunday night at our Seder. There was singing and reading plus good food too. John grilled a boneless leg of lamb and I made mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. I put two … Continue reading

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