January 20, 2016 – Curried rice with/without chicken and vegetables

Curried rice with chicken and vegetables

Curried rice with chicken and vegetables

Vegetarian note: We have made this with cauliflower or chickpeas standing in for the chicken. It turns out equally well.

Tonight’s dinner was waiting for us in the freezer. We made it the last time we were in St. George anticipating that there might be a night we didn’t feel like cooking. In all fairness to this dish, it is much better fresh. The rice did not come through the freezing process well. It turned a little mealy.

To make this John sautes spices in some butter, cooks a lot of onions in the now spiced butter, and then adds the rice and some chicken or vegetable stock to cook the rice.  Part way through the cooking he adds pre-cooked chicken (or chickpeas or cauliflower), carrots, and raisins. We usually make a bunch and then eat it for various lunches throughout the week.

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