Tuesday, February 3, 2015 – Mixed grill with asparagus and chipotle sweet potatoes

First a note as to what has been happening since last Thursday. On Friday we ate the leftovers from Thursday. On Saturday we went out to dinner and had seared walu which is also known as sunfish or escolar. It was served with mixed vegetables and rice. On Sunday and Monday we drove home from Utah and ate on the road. (Nothing eaten that I am too proud of from a dininglite point of view.)

That brings us to today! Since our daughter moved in and brought all the stuff from her refrigerator and freezer with her, we are starting a campaign to eat food that is in the freezer to make room. In the freezer we had lamb chops but not enough to serve three people. She and I go to the grocery store to buy a couple more lamb chops but the store doesn’t have any. So we end up buying a thick pork chop and that’s why we are eating a mixed grill today. John starts both the lamb and pork in a slow oven and cooks them part way and then finishes by searing them on the grill.

In the meantime I roast a couple of sweet potatoes and mash them up with a little butter and chipotle powder to give them a slightly spicy, smoky taste. I have also bought some on-sale asparagus and I just steam it. The first asparagus of the season is always exciting!

So voila, our dinner of lamb and pork chops with asparagus and sweet potatoes! The actual result is much more appetizing than my poor food photography would indicate.IMG_20150203_202036_150

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