Wednesday, January 14, 2015 – Shrimp Creole

I am back to eating a reasonable breakfast and have a snausage (soy pattie) and an English muffin. At lunch I eat out with our daughter. We go to Max’s. I order tuna with lettuce and tomato on whole wheat toast. The tuna is very lightly dressed. I remove one of the pieces of bread. Everything is going swimmingly until I bite into my second half sandwich and hit something hard. It’s a broken piece of a wooden skewer. Lunch is over. Ugh.

Yesterday was supposed to be GBOF (giant bowl of food) night. Due to the large breakfast it was not possible. Tonight, though, we have shrimp and zucchini in a Creole sauce over some brown rice that I made last week. It is spicy and good. Low calorie and delicious? Choose shellfish every time!

Shrimp Creole over brown rice

Shrimp Creole over brown rice

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