January 10, 2015 – Chipotle bean burgers and kale salad

Somehow I manage to delete the picture of the dinner tonight. It is a chipotle bean burger and a kale salad dressed with fat free Italian salad dressing. I buy these vegetarian burgers in a pack of twelve at Costco. They are quite tasty and ready in about 2 minutes. This is good because we spend the day working on our daughter’s move back home and I need something that will be ready quickly.

For lunch we go to Baja Fresh where I have a salad with shrimp. I do not use their dressing and eat only a couple of pieces of the avocado. I eat no chips. The important thing to realize is that YOU are always the one in ultimate control. No need for formal exercise today since running up and down the stairs many times carrying all sorts of stuff counts!

A picture that I do manage to save is the one from breakfast. I have breakfast pizza. It is a sandwich round, toasted, tomato slices, oregano, and one slice of chez (fat free cheese.) I really like this breakfast although I really need to drink my tea first and have my breakfast afterwards since the tea and pizza really do not go together.

Breakfast pizza

Breakfast pizza

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