Hello, 2015

Here it is, 2015. 2014 was not a particularly good year for us from a healthy lifestyle point of view. My knee continues to trouble me. My mobility is not what it used to be. Stairs are very difficult and running has been reduced to shuffling about as quickly as possible. On top of that John has had both his hips replaced – one in June and the other in December. So our exercise has been way down. Couple this with a “poor me” attitude and you have the makings for substantial weight gain.

We are excellent at gaining weight. It is one of my talents that actually surpasses John’s. The good thing, though, is that we are also excellent at losing weight. So this being a new year and tomorrow being the first Monday of the new year, it is diet time. Goodbye red meat! Farewell goblets of wine! Sayonara junk food! Hello healthy eating and exercise.

Today we plan a menu and go shopping. Tomorrow is chicken Monday!

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