February 10, 2014 – Chicken Monday

I see that my last post was Wednesday of last week. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had pizza, leftovers, pasta, and dined out. I should have taken a picture of the pasta but eating pasta is always so exciting that I forget to take pictures!

We return our planning to include a Chicken Monday and move our meatless day to a different day of the week. This is just the typical Monday – Pan roasted chicken coated with dukkah, butternut squash, and green beans. John sears the chicken and then finishes it in the oven, I roast the squash and then scoop out the innards. This particular squash needs a lot of help. I end up putting in a little Splenda, faux butter and chipotle powder. We also have green beans, the little ones that they have at Trader Joe’s. They are a little overcooked because the chicken takes longer than John predicts. We serve it all with chicken gravy from a packet.
Chik, squash, g (1)

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