Another chicken Monday – September 17, 2012

Whenever I served chicken to my mother-in-law she used to say that she was never insulted by being served chicken. I never knew whether that was a compliment or not. If I am going out to dine, I think I might be insulted by chicken – such a humble dish. It would have to be really good. John makes an excellent pan-roasted chicken breast. It has a nice crust but is still juicy on the inside.

Along with the chicken and ubiquitous gravy, I made a mash of left over rutabagas, butternut squash and sweet potato. When I made the autumn soup for Sunday I had these bits and pieces left. They were not enough to be on their own but I figured their tastes would go well together. I popped the chopped up pieces in the pressure cooker and after eight minutes of hissing and they were done. I also steamed some broccoli.

You can never insult me with Chicken Monday.

Pan-roasted chicken, yellow mash and broccoli

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