Burgers with Texas caviar and cole slaw – September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day! Today is even happier since our good friends, Eileen and Jim, have become first time grandparents today. Congratulations to Ali and Van on the birth of their son on Labor Day (how apropos!)

It’s a grim time for workers but we did our best to celebrate the contribution of working Americans by making a pretty labor intensive dinner. I made Texas caviar, a spicy concoction of beans and veg, while the guys were out working hard on the golf course. Jonathan made some yummy coleslaw. John cooked the hamburgers and portobello mushrooms as well as charring the red peppers and grilling some onions. I also have to admit that I had a small amount of frozen French fries and onion rings so I made them as well.

All the burgers were served with a smear of goat cheese, a roasted red pepper and a grilled onion. My portobellos were served open-faced with some arugula. It was a great festive dinner which we ate while watching the U.S. Open. We were hoping that Roger Federer would be playing today but he got a walkover from an ailing Mardy Fish. The Bryan brothers, playing doubles, made enjoyable watching during dinner.

Portobello mushroom burgers with goat cheese, roasted red pepper and grilled onion, served open-faced with arugula and accompanied by Texas caviar and cole slaw

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