Pork tenderloin, couscous with vegetables and zucchini medley – July 25, 2012

Tonight we had one of our few “meat” meals. By meat, I mean pork, beef or lamb. For most cuts of this trio the fat content is just too high. But pork tenderloin is more like chicken when it comes to fat. And just like chicken it is easy to overcook. Luckily I have John to take care of the meat. Armed with his excellent technique and probe thermometer, pork and chicken rarely come out overcooked. He started the tenderloin in the oven and then finished it on the grill outside. My portion size was three ounces.

Since I had forgotten to get either brown rice or farro started (they take an hour in the oven), we opted for couscous. I had a bunch of vegetables from my zucchini medley to add to the basic whole wheat couscous. The zucchini medley consisted of zucchini, mushrooms, onions, pasilla pepper, red bell pepper, celery, garlic and parsley. I made a lot of it. We ate it all.

By eating correctly since we had our celebration in Las Vegas, I have lost that transient weight I gained. I wish that I would just lose the other 20-25 lbs. and be done with this phase of the diet!

Pork tenderloin, couscous and zucchini medley

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