Ancho rubbed pork tenderloin with zucchini medley and brown rice/farro mixture – June 30, 2012

Saturday night’s dinner consisted of a pan roasted pork tenderloin rubbed with ancho chiles, salt, pepper, garlic powder and oregano. John used the spice grinder to turn the ancho chile into a powder. The pork turned out really well, rosy pink with some spice. I reheated the leftover farro and brown rice mixture from last night. I also made a medley of zucchini, mushrooms, red bell pepper, onions and serrano chiles using a teaspoon of oil in the saute.

This week we have eaten 20 out of 21 meals at home. My one dining out experience is the Chili’s lunch I had on Wednesday, not quite the gourmet experience. I know it is better to eat at home but sometimes I wish we could go out for something exotic. (like Thai food) A year and a half is a long time to go without visiting my favorite Thai restaurant. Sigh.

Pork tenderloin, brown rice/farro mixture and zucchini medley

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