Pan roasted chicken with green beans, rutabagas and mushroom chicken gravy – June 11, 2012

This is kind of a crazy week. Jonathan, Nathan and Sam have come to visit and so it is hard to eat normally time-wise and food-wise. On Monday we didn’t even sit down to dinner until after 9 PM which is really too late. But at least we made a regular chicken Monday dinner. I did, however, use more fat in the meal than I would have if it were just John and I eating. I felt like I needed to make it tastier for Jonathan.

John pan roasted the chicken, I pressure cooked the rutabagas and cooked the green beans in a little water and butter. When the water had boiled away the green beans took on a little browning from the butter. Everyone liked them a lot. We made some gravy and added sauteed mushrooms. John and I ate the rutabagas and Jonathan had noodles.

I don’t think there is going to be much posting this week. Today is already Thursday and I’ve forgotten to take pictures for the last two days. Things are a little chaotic a dinnertime.

Chicken Monday

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