Turkey chili with arugula salad

This was supposed to be our Chicken Monday meal. I guess I would have had to call it Poultry Monday but the lobster tails enticed us to change our routine and turkey chili got pushed to Tuesday. We tend to get up pretty early so there was plenty of time to get everything chopped up, sauteed, and into the slow cooker by 8 AM. The turkey chili with its load of mushrooms and various peppers cooked long and slow today. While it cooked we ran errands, played tennis, and caught up on paperwork. Slow cookers are so great.

When dinner time arrived, turkey chili was waiting for us. I had the chili with an arugula and tomato salad and a total of eight baked tostito corn chips. I washed it down with an O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer. The whole experience was pretty close to having a real chili meal.

Turkey chili with arugula salad

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