Lobster tail with new potatoes and broccoli

It’s Monday and I am not making chicken. What?! I always eat chicken on Monday. But this chicken Monday we happened to be at Costco and the lobster tails looked good and were a good price so we bought them. I always like to eat seafood the same day as I buy it so today is Lobster Monday.

I know that lobster seems like a real extravagance. Consider the fact, though, that for about $26 for the entire meal for two of us, we had a lovely elegant meal. If the two of us went to Applebee’s, it would probably cost more and be way less tasty. (Aside, I would never go to Applebee’s.) Interestingly, I was reading the jacket of a book about losing weight during the same trip to Costco. One of the author’s rules for losing weight and maintaining weight loss was to eat at least 10 meals a week at home. John and I eat between 19 and 21 meals a week at home when we are not on vacation. We often have a lunch out with the kids and very occasionally have dinner out. Eating at home is cost effective and calorie effective.

So John steamed the lobster tails and I made new potatoes again because they were so good last night. I also cooked some broccoli. We had a nice bottle of wine. Monday is a good day for celebrating.

Lobster tail with new potatoes and broccoli

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