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Chipotle bean burger, new potatoes and salad

It always seems that when John and I really like some convenience food that is low in calories and fat that it disappears from the market. Case in point? Michelangelo’s baked eggplant parmesan. For around 300 calories each we could … Continue reading

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Pan roasted chicken, mushroom gravy, rutabagas and asparagus

And here it is again, Chicken Monday. John and I plan out a dinner menu for the week on Monday morning. We had discussed having lobster tails, new potatoes and asparagus tonight. But what heresy! When it came down to … Continue reading

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Fish tacos without tortillas, black beans and rice

On Saturday I got the good news that all my blood work for my upcoming physical was great. This, of course, led to a celebration of health with a bunch of unhealthy food. You would think I wouldn’t do this … Continue reading

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A favorite son’s favorite

Jonathan, Nathan and Sam came over on Friday night for a sleepover. Ryan was celebrating the end of her current employment regime with her friends. Of course we needed to have what everyone loves for dinner. As soon as Nathan … Continue reading

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Portobello mushroom burger, grilled potatoes, arugula salad with roasted golden beets

How hard is it to be at a party where everyone is eating hamburgers and hot dogs and you are eating salad? Too hard!! The next time you have to go to one of these get-togethers, bring your own burger … Continue reading

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A bowl of fast food – null soup

Today for lunch I made null soup again. I was home alone since John had to work today which means I got to eat the whole thing myself. This morning I had half of a bagel with a little faux … Continue reading

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Whole wheat penne with pea pods and mushrooms

I am having a really good weight loss week so far. As I said, my weight loss week begins on Monday and since it is only Tuesday, perhaps I am being overly optimistic. What really helps me is to write … Continue reading

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