Whole wheat pasta with enhanced sauce

I was too excited by the pasta to remember to take a picture. We have just moved into a new rental here in Marco Island and the kitchen set up is a little lacking culinarily. We are missing reasonable pots and pans. So it is hard to cook. Until we buy or borrow enough kitchenware, we will have to be eating simply. Tonight was whole wheat strands with Bertolli tomato and basil sauce that I amped up a bit with tomato paste, red wine, garlic, red pepper flakes and oregano. I also added a little soy sauce to cut the sweetness of the jar sauce and give it a little umami. Well, it was pretty yummy. Since there was no protein involved, I could have a larger portion of spaghetti. Yay. Without a scale I am trying to figure out how much weight I’ve gained while in Florida. I’d say about 5 lbs. I’ve got two weeks left to try to get back to where I was before we left for Florida. Seriously, I really thought that this trip was going to be easy. Certainly much easier than traveling cross country or visiting Italy. I guess I didn’t count on falling into the old patterns of eating with family. Sigh.

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