January 16, 2012 The sad truth

For some reason I thought it would be easy to eat correctly here in Marco Island. There’s a great fish store and a nice farmer’s market on Wednesdays. What I hadn’t counted on was the corrupting influence of family. First, my older sister sees me as an opportunity to snack and drink wine. Couple that with my younger sister visiting this past weekend with my nephew and his girlfriend and three pounds of chopped chicken livers and a bunch of wine And as the coup de grace, Sarah is spending a week here with us. All this results in no pictures of healthy diet-conscious meals. Because there haven’t been any. I am, at this point, terrified that I have stepped on the slippery slope of weight gain. I really, really do not want to be the old me but all my shrunken fats cells are clamoring for more now that they’ve experienced the joy of eating again.

Must do better.

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