Pan roasted chicken breast, rutabaga/potato mash, green beans, and snow peas with carrots

Thank goodness it’s Chicken Monday again! After all the eating and drinking of the Christmas weekend, it is so comforting to eat plainly. Way back on January 1, 2011 after returning from France and Spain, I felt the same way. I guess the feeling lasted for the whole year! Granted I’ve been kind of marching in place these past two months. I do want to pat myself on the back for that accomplishment, though. To go through a three week trip to Italy, Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas and not have a net gain is a new experience for me. I am feeling empowered to lose the other twenty-five pounds. I know I can do it.

John and I are in eat down mode to clear out the refrigerator before we leave for Florida. Part of the clear-out-the-refrigerator was to give a bunch of leftovers from Christmas eve to the kids. Also there was some throwing out of food that we are not going to get to. I have our menu planned for tomorrow using up the bits and pieces that are left.

So our unimaginative Chicken Monday consisted of John’s expertly seared and baked chicken breast. We also made up a packet of gravy with its stingy 20 calories per serving. Our starch was a mixture of rutabagas and potatoes. I had a few green beans left that I cooked up with some red onion and a little faux butter. And I steamed some snow peas with some carrot pieces for a little color. Sitting down to dinner with a wineglass full of sparkling water and a simple meal brought a big sigh of relief.

Pan roasted chicken breast with gravy, rutabaga/potato mash, green beans, and snow peas with carrots

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